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Definitively Me
I hate seeing my reflection
In the voice of others.
Its like looking into a funhouse mirror.
A warped image.
Simply what I appear to be.
But not who i truly am.
Like acid.
Those words slowly
Eat away all I can be.
Undermining my foundations
Pulling me further away from me.
I can see the expectation
On their faces.
The lore of my life,
Their eyes speak.
My desire to satisfy,
Makes my will grow weak.
But if my mother taught me anything,
(after a couple bloodied lips and incalculable beatings)
It would be that,
I can look away from the morrors
Of their voices.
I can stop reading the book writen
For me in their eyes.
Then I needed to
Open two books.
The one,
that teaches me what I need.
And the one,
Where I write my own story.
The one,
Where I become
Definitively Me
Definitive Me
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A state of being caught in the unstopable
momentum of an ideal, an epiphany who's flavour can be considered naught but devine,
A sudden uncontrolable euphoria that encapsulates your entire being and drives you in the direction of something wonderful.
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My Spiraling Thoughts by Pineapplecoker
Mature content
My Spiraling Thoughts :iconpineapplecoker:Pineapplecoker 0 0
My Spiraling Thoughts Turn Into Words
Thinking can be dangerous.
Even you must admit.
All your spiraling thoughts whirling around inside.
Trapping you in the one place you cannot hide.
You try to escape.
And like chains, your thoughts capture your heart,
And arrest it between the two hemispheres of your brain.
Its laughable isn't it?
How the thing designed to keep you safe,
slowly chokes you, and starts driving you insane.
All your bottled up emotions,
Cover your body with aches and pains.
And your eyes bleed tears that fall from your face
As a refreshing rain.
Thinking can be dangerous.
Even you must admit.
That is why I write. I write to come back to myself,
To regain control.
To keep myself sane. Once I tried to speak,
But my thoughts refused to show,
Then I put the pen to paper, and my thoughts began to flow.
Like amateur dancers, they bumped
And stepped on each other's toes,
But once again, I had been made whole.
And then I realised.
On paper is the only place I can clearly see,
the one place I can truly be free.
On p
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Garden of Sinners
Counterclockwise is how my world turns.
A backward place,
Where scholars never learn.
Where noise whispers,
And silence screams.
Where we have beautiful nightmares,
And terrible dreams.
Truthfully this is a place
Where nothing is as it seems,
And things are so often found,
In places they shouldn't be.
Here the darkest night
Falls after dawn.
Here evil dwells in the light,
And good in the shadow.
Here we so readily rush to places
We shouldn't go.
And for all this what do we have to show.
An ending to a poem.
And ending that doesn't flow.
Bloody feet walking across
The shards of a broken world.
A world so cold.
A garden of sinners lost,
Beyond the borderline
Of emptiness.
Garden of Sinners.
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Mature content
What am I :iconpineapplecoker:Pineapplecoker 0 2
Her Dams
Her dams.
Withholding the tears of a thousand sorrows,
Shone like polished alexandrite.
Threatened to burst upon the onslaught, of unrelenting nightmares.
Untold horrors overflow as her walls break.
Even so such a beauty, not one to be withheld.
Invades our souls. Like the precious scent of jasmine would fill our lungs.
Consuming us with overwhelming desire and confliction.
Break down the walls of her dam, let her sorrow and beauty pour out a never ending fountain of unrelenting nightmares, untold horrors.
Untamed fears
Her Dams
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I have become transcendent. I escape my humanity and become an ideal, an image of perfection.
But, only an image...not yet perfection.
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Night Parade
The night has fallen.
The place has gone dark.
A great many will be torn apart.
Lock your doors...
And if you value your life...
Don't go outside.
Do you hear it?
The screaming begins.
The beautiful sound,
Of stragglers being torn limb from limb.
But here, you are safe,
Safe from the multitude of sins,
About to take place.
"Knock, knock" who is it?
Certainly. Its not Jehovia's witness.
Why dont you get up?
Go to the door.
My my.
That ones louder than before.
They're comming for you.
And soon.
You will be human no more.
Alongside them. You'll slaughter your friends.
You're now a monster.
A creature of the night.
In exchange for your humanity.
We've emptied you of plight.
Now you will march with us...
In our parade of the night.
Night Parade
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You told me once.
I was your ideal.
You told me I was irreplaceable,
And you didn't want me to leave.
Never whould I have expected you
To become a witch before me.
Nor the beautiful cruelty
Within the spell you cast upon me.
I heard your words.
The spell you cast.
Words so strange,
In my mind they would forever last,
Now I am made into your flower.
Now I am planted in your garden.
You water my roots.
And prune my leaves.
That way I remain as perfect
And unblemished as can be.
But life is cruel.
Life hates beauty.
So life sends a caterpillar after me.
It eats my leaves and goes to sleep.
And then it awakes a butterfly.
That then steals my sweet.
Now I am undone.
I am ugly.
I cannot bloom.
In the end.
This is the way,
All flowers eventually meet their doom.
I uproot myself and turn away.
You grab my hand
and gently asked me to stay.
How can I stay?
All your hard work
Has been thrown away.
"Even so"
You say
" don't leave me. Dont go away,
For I shall never find a flower like you again"
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Your voice. My weakness
Dont speak.
Just listen.
Let's talk about the sky and things that glisten.
But please, don't speak, for your voice is beautiful.
And it makes me weak.
You blush?
Please don't. Its too cute.
It makes me loose control of my flute.
What flute you ask?
To explain that would be quite the task.
Didn't I yell you to shut up?
Don't speak.
For your voice makes me weak.
So, tell me of the things you with your whole heart seek.
But please don't speak.
For your voice makes me weak.
Write it down, here, on this parchment I've found.
So that to my heart, your words may be forever bound.
I said don't speak.
I'll put duct tape over your beak.
Yes I can!
I am strong and you are weak.
Hey don't speak.
Not especially if you intend to call me a freak.
You know I dont care.
Let me put braids in your hair.
Your blushing again.
Don't you remember what I said back then?
Stop it you say?
Why do I speak this way?
Well this is a monologue after all.
I know its creepy,
But please.
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The Beast Within your Flesh
Why does the heart beat?
It beats, because its a monster
Encaged within your flesh.
It wants to escape from
its cell in your rib cage.
And break free from its entrapment
Under your skin
And you,
So blissfully unaware
Of your own cruelty.
Such a selfishness as keeping it to yourself.
Because without would be dead.
That beast has havoc to wreak
On those whom with your whole heart
You seek.
It wants to share its love with them.
That's why it hammers ever harder
When your love passes by.
Its desperate.
Its needs to share,
If it hammers harder,
It might break the skin and go there.
But the flesh us tough.
Its frantic beating is in vain.
Its one hope is to go through your mouth.
So open it and set it free.
Believe me it shall not abandon thee.
It will return to you calmer than before.
I won't leave you there to lie dead on the floor.
The Beast Within Your Flesh.
:iconpineapplecoker:Pineapplecoker 2 1
From Chaos Born
Where am I from?
Its a place,
You'd never wish to see.
A place that flows not with milk and honey,
But with the blood of countless corpses,
Washed up by the sea.
It is a land of darkness,
And doubt.
A place, where monsters are free to roam about.
Where like butterflies,
The young are raped as soon as they are born.
Where death comes so often,
None can even mourn.
Out of the ashes of that ruin...
I rose.
From darkness and to the light I walked.
And those who saw me...
Behind my back they did talk.
Monster, demon.
That is what they called me.
The scars on my face
And the red of my eyes were all they could see.
Sticks and stones did they toss at me.
And turned away was I by all.
In the cold streets I sleep.
But then came a time the hell had followed me.
In my dreams.
The ghosts of the pasts did haunt me.
And in the cold of storms and winter,
Was my body engulfed by the heat of invisible fire.
Back to the question you asked.
Who am I?
I guess I should tell you.
I mean.
From my ow
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Still Doll
The door is open.
There is blood.
Blood, everywhere.
The door is open.
I am met with blank eyes,
An unblinking stare.
The door is open.
This porcelain doll just sits there,
Sits and stares at me from her case.
Perhaps, the fear I feel is misplaced.
The door is open.
Crimson stands out cruelly beautiful
against her white dress.
Other small frame feigns weakness.
A weakness contradicted,
Only by the blade held in her lithe hands.
The door is open.
There is blood everywhere.
I wonder,
did something happen here?
Does she not see it?
This blood everywhere.
Another door opens.
I hear footsteps.
My fears increase.
I must go.
I must take this doll away.
And go anywhere but here.
But still that in blinking stare
That helps not satiate my fears.
Not in the very least.
The door is open.
The footsteps draw near.
But still that unblinking stare.
I make to move.
I cannot move.
Why can't I move!!?
Just one foot in front the other is all I must do.
Still I go nowhere.
Still I just sit here.
The door i
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Chasing Rainbows
This rainbow I forever chase.
Its ends I never see.
Oh rainbow,
Why? Oh why?
Won't you be with me?
What distance must I cross?
What ocean should I traverse?
What dessert should I brave?
Your name.
Upon who's wall should I engrave?
Rainbow, rainbow.
Wait on me.
Don't leave me in a place
where I cannot see.
Be my eyes.
Be my ears,
Don't leave me trapped here
in my own fears.
My rainbow is so far from me
Its end I never see.
Am I chasing?
Am I waiting?
That answer, I do not know.
But I will go.
Whereever my rainbow goes.
Chasing Rainbows.
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Silence of the Dead
Silence is beautiful.
Is it not?
The sense of vast emptiness,
The knowledge that you are to one's self
This world is loud.
A loudness often mistaken for music.
But noise this is.
Noise I tell you.
Endless noise that frankly...
Silence is the one thing I truly crave.
Engulf me.
I want to be a part of you.
Silence, consume me
Encapsulate my entirety.
My one true wish.
My final words written here may scare.
But please.
Do not dispair.
For I only crave silence.
If for one night I may walk.
I ask that it be a night consumed by silence.
The silence of the dead.
Silence of the Dead
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WHOOOOOO!!!!! Exam finished. gonna start writing again soon.
Thinking about trying to write my first novel...should I ?
can anyone explain these badges to me?
Exams ongoing not gonna be writing until June. Wish me luck
Beautiful piece
rose-soaked everythings.
PatchworkLynx, Rosie, thank you for being someone I can trust and draw courage and inspiration from, even if sometimes I do so silently. You are a font of kindness, beauty, grace, and poetry, and the knowledge that you are by my side during this wild adventure that is life is a comfort and a blessing. You are lovely in every aspect, even in the flaws you may think you have. 
The stanza you dedicated to me is the reason that for the first time in months I felt my fingers trace over the ridges of my keyboard with the feeling of finding an old friend who's been gone for a very long time, and found it in myself to write a poem. I'm not good at writing about people, I never have been, but you're the first person who it's felt easy to write about. 
I want to see if I can't somehow go forth from this and continue writing about real people, beginning with everyone I can think of who means a lot to me. 
I'm glad you were the first person I could start off with, and I'm glad knowing you hopefully won't be the last 
Thank you for every single time you defended me against myself, encouraged me, showed me kindness, and took the time to think of me and wish me well. It's made a difference, I swear, and I can't ever repay you, but I hope this poem makes a small dent in that endless debt.

Her poem which inspired mine

I hate seeing my reflection
In the voice of others.
Its like looking into a funhouse mirror.
A warped image.
Simply what I appear to be.
But not who i truly am.

Like acid.
Those words slowly
Eat away all I can be.
Undermining my foundations
Pulling me further away from me.

I can see the expectation
On their faces.
The lore of my life,
Their eyes speak.
My desire to satisfy,
Makes my will grow weak.

But if my mother taught me anything,

(after a couple bloodied lips and incalculable beatings)

It would be that,
I can look away from the morrors
Of their voices.
I can stop reading the book writen
For me in their eyes.

Then I needed to
Open two books.
The one,
that teaches me what I need.
And the one,
Where I write my own story.

The one,
Where I become
Definitively Me

Definitive Me
Definitively Me
So i was reading a poetry book, Manias, om wattpad. Read it out in a couple hours yay!!!
But the poetry was so pretty i had to pick up my book and write. At the same time i was thinking about where my life was going, what with me applying for med school and all, an people's and my own expectations for me. And this lovely piece danced from the tip of my pen and on to the lines of the paper under which i had previously scrached out my introductory verse for this same piece. And now im fed up of typing...enjoy and critic...critique? Whichever one is correct


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Hi! I'm Pineapplecoker. I write poems on occasion as one of my many little hobbies so I thought I'd share some with the world. hope everyone likes em. if you can give me a bit of advice to help me make my poetry better that'd be great. So umm.....Nice to meet you and enjoy I guess.


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